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Thursday, August 24th 2006

7:50 AM

Molly is a good mommy

Molly has been taking such good care of her puppies and they are bigger, I am so proud of her.  So far we have them all given away if everyone that has claimed one comes and gets it when they are ready.

On a different note my car is history. we drove it to bay springs monday to take care of some business and on the way home I noticed that the temp gauge was getting a little on the hot side so I told steve to stop and check the water, I think that he must have gotten the water on the hot motor and that killed my car. It blew a head gasket and we drove it home that way so I am sure that that warped the head.  well it lasted 8 years and 200,000 miles I guess I can't expect it to last forever.  So I am down to depending on my Daughters car, so anything I plan I plan for after school so that I will have a car.  STeve is down to one truck because one of his work trucks is down with a transmission problem he is working on that now and the other truck is with the employee's in bay springs. The boom truck is in the shop and I see now where the term "when it rains it pours" came from. LOL

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Posted by Kathy:

I just wanted to let you know I saw you come into the court tv chat one night. I have read your WHOLE journal and want you to know that you are a very strong person whether you realize it or not! I feel like I know you already! Remember to take good care of yourself and I hope you will return to court tv chat one day soon (even though there are alot of hateful people there sometimes - but there are some really great people too!)

Thanks for sharing -
Thursday, August 24th 2006 @ 2:38 PM

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