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Saturday, September 23rd 2006

1:27 AM

Hi again

Well I made it though another week, My son was supposed to come stay with me this weekend because he hasn't came and stayed the weekend since he moved over to his dads. His dad told me he would drop him off after they went to eat but he lied as usual so tomorrow I will be blowing someone's hair back. I am so damn tired of trusting that man and him lying to me. there was no since in him telling me to expect my son and have me looking forward to seeing him and spending the whole weekend with him if he had no intention of bringing him over.  I think its time for my son to move back in with me.  It has become clear to me that his dad doesn't half the time know whats going on with that boy and thats just not going to get it. Right now is a key time in the life of a boy that age, he needs some guidance and at least he will see that I gave him a chance to live with his dad. but i WONT LET HIM RUIN HIS LIFE.  He has been pulling some skipping stunts at school and even went to the office and changed the contact numbers on the school records so that they wouldn't be calling anyone to check on him, in fact they were calling my son's phone thinking it was the phone of his dads. and my son was ok'ing his own check outs and absences... hows that for a tricky little joker? well his days are very numbered doing as he pleases and I will fight his dad forever if thats what it takes.,  Ok I am done with this little rant.....

Everyone have a simply peachy weekend. I AM SURE I WILL ..... LOL

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Posted by Kathy:

I can understand your feelings! Hang in there and remember you can only do the best you can do.

Remember to take care of yourself FIRST!

Saturday, September 23rd 2006 @ 12:03 PM

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