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Monday, September 11th 2006

10:49 PM

Became a Red head today

Today went rather well, I did ok. I dyed my hair a brownish red I beleive its called light plum brown it looks pretty dang good. I still am very sick but I felt a little better today than I have in the last week. maybe some of this crud is starting to go away. I am on a mission to get rid of the fleas on my dogs. and its about to whip me. nothing I buy seems to work and nothing that I do seems to work. I have bathed them in the shampoos and I have bought everything on the market, Today my husband bought some powdered sulfur because we heard that would help but he put the sulfur in their food and I don't think that is what he was supposed to do. thank goodness he only put just a tiny little bit in there. if they get sick  I am going to kill him. I think the sulfur is supposed to be mixed in water an used to spray on them. LOL  he is such a ass sometimes. When I told him this he said well he is starting this time from the inside out trying to get rid of them since nothing has been working from the outside. if anyone has any suggestions for what to use to get rid of fleas please let me know.


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Posted by sher:

Hi cousin, I think you need stuff from the vet. I've used Advantage and it's good. But, you do have to get rid of the fleas that aren't on the dogs too. It's a vcious cycle. The Advantage is given to them in food. But, if they are sleeping on anything that has fleas or flea eggs, they will keep getting them. Good luck. Love ya. Hope you feel better soon!
Saturday, September 16th 2006 @ 1:49 PM

Posted by Jack Gannon:

"Revolution"... it's a nice strong flea medicine available at a vet's office. We tried it on our cat, and it worked not only incredibly well... but incredibly FAST!
Tuesday, September 12th 2006 @ 7:41 PM

Posted by Kathy:

Hi There!

Sorry to hear you haven't felt well lately. Get better soon! Sounds like you did a wonderful job with your daughter. We can be our own worst critic/enemy, take some credit and be proud of yourself!! From what I have read here, you sound like a wonderful person. Bad things happen to good people - it doesn't make you a bad person! I've been there and done that and want you to know you can get through this! You are right, God is with you and he will continue to carry you through this and be with you always! Let Go and Let God!

I live in Florida and we had to start with the yard first then work our way in side the house, then the dog to get rid of the fleas. It doesn't take them long to mulitply and before you know it you have an infestation on your hands.

Good luck and hope you win the war on fleas!!

Monday, September 11th 2006 @ 11:24 PM

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