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Monday, September 11th 2006

12:08 AM

not much new



Nothing really much going on, I am going to start trying to get out of the house more tomorrow. My daughter and I are going to start walking everyday. I really have to do this I am going nuts in this house, I think I have wallowed in self pity long enough and its time for me to get off this pity trip and start living again. I have missed a lot of stuff and I intend to stop missing out.

My daughter really amazes me. she is so much like me that its not funny but she is so much better than I ever was. She is so damn beautiful that it worries me but I can't help but feel swollen with pride when I look at her. I notice some things that we share in common but there are some things that are very much different, Such as I always let people run over me, and she seems to be the type that lets people know when they are crossing the line, she tells it like it is and if you don't like it then oh well.. She is not modest and that she didn't get from me, she has my legs, she has her dads eye color but they are shaped like mine and she looks a lot like me. she is very soft hearted like I am and she is very loving like I am. She also has a horrendous temper like mine LOL.  Of all the screw ups I have made in my life time I have done something right with my kids and for that I know I have God to thank. all the prayers did work and all sleepless nights up worrying and crying did pay off because God really did help me out with this kids.  I know it had to be God because I didn't deserve such good kids, I am so very thankful for them though. I am going to go for tonight but I will check back in later on this evening.

Love Tonya 

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