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Tuesday, August 15th 2006

11:54 PM

4 pups

Molly has so far had 4 pups and since I put my bet in that she would have a total of 4 lets hope that she is through having them, it was really something, I noticed this morning that I didn't see her when I got up and I figured that she was having them or had already had them last night but a few hours went by and finally she emerged from underneath my sons bed and she was still pregnant but I realized it was close because she had already went off to herself and found her a spot. late this afternoon she came out of the bedroom and I was sitting on the porch and she was acting completly nuts, not like herself at all she was trying to get me to follow her back into the house and she was throwing a fit, she turned circles and yelped and hollered until she got me in the house and I followed her into my sisters bedroom where I put a big fluffy blanket on the floor in her closet and I patted it to let her know to get there and she got on the blanket and within the hour after I went back outside she started having the puppies and she had no trouble at all they are so very tiny, The mom weighs about 5 lbs and the dad is about 7 lbs so they will be small dogs. they are black and white and one is brown and white. they look like tiny rats. LOL I am so proud of little molly she did so well and she is taking care of them so good. my husband thinks she may have more puppies though the night but he thinks that because he cant stand to lose a bet. I think I was right on the money. Anyway I am so proud but I am having her fixed soon as they can do it because I don't want her having to go though this again.
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Having a pet is very fun as well as sad when suddenly the animal defecates.
Friday, July 14th 2017 @ 3:40 AM

Posted by rental ac jakarta:

A very interesting story, having a dog like Molly is sure to please you.
Friday, July 14th 2017 @ 3:02 AM

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