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Sunday, August 13th 2006

11:54 PM

Soon to have new puppies

Molly my little darling is about ready to have her pups I am so worried about her but I have done enough research to find out that she will more than likely do very well having her pups with little to no intervention needed from me. believe it or not I have never seen a dog have puppies and I have really been stressing out over what I was supposed to do when molly started to have her babies.  Steve has picked on me and told me all this crap I was going to have to do in order for her to have the puppies and thank God I have learned to never ever listen to a damn word he says.  I did read however that you can tell when she is going to have the pups by taking her temp and I did suggested to him that he could do that via her rectum  and I was told to kiss his ass. LOL I thought it was a reasonable request. Anyway I think she is very ready judging from the way she looks, you can actually see the pup in the birth canal and from what I read that is the first stage, this is her very first litter and she is a very small dog probably about 5lbs before she was pregnant. so far I haven't noticed her nesting and I am so scared she is going to have them on my brand new sofa or loveseat LOL its ultrasuede and I think that would cause me to have a stroke. I guess she knows what she is doing and where ever she finds will have to do.
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Posted by Hilario:

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Posted by Jack Gannon:

Just have your camera ready for the first time you see the litter... it will be a sight you'll treasure forever!...
Monday, August 14th 2006 @ 6:32 PM

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